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There is a joy and humanity in experiencing created values,

and by extension, we will create a bright future.

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このアプリには、”Experiencing Created Value Token (= ECV Token)”という名前で、以下のような特徴がある。

While it's possible to share one's own story on social media, deeply engaging with others' stories remains challenging. Online communication primarily relies on limited expressions such as videos, images, and text (comments, shares, likes). To address this, I propose an app that provides a new experience by allowing people to share their stories, discover others' stories, empathize, and create value. The app has a unique feature called "Experiencing Created Value Token (= ECV Token)".

AI-Powered Story Transformation


Utilizing artificial intelligence, your story is transformed into a token. A token represents a combination of media elements such as text, images, and audio that capture various aspects of your story. For instance, if sharing a travel story, the token may include the destination's name, photos, and impressions. Tokens can be automatically generated or manually edited to suit your preferences and goals.

Matching with Others


Your token is matched with others based on data like your interests, preferences, and personality, analyzed by artificial intelligence. For example, if you share a travel story, you might be matched with people who have been to the same destination or share an interest in travel.

Communication Support


Facilitating communication with matched individuals through tokens, the app includes topics, questions, and feedback in the content. Conversations progress by sending and receiving tokens. For instance, if you share a travel story, you might receive tokens containing questions, feedback, or advice related to the destination. Likewise, you can send tokens related to your match's story.

Encouraging Value Creation


The app stimulates value creation between you and your matched individuals through mutual storytelling. Value creation involves generating something new through each other's stories. For example, if you share a travel story, you and your match might plan and prepare for a trip together. Additionally, you can participate in value creation related to your match's story.

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Enhanced Communication Skills: Using tokens for communication helps people effectively convey their stories and learn how to provide feedback and respond to others' stories. AI-supported communication fosters confidence and a sense of security.

Deepened Relationships: Communicating through tokens allows people to understand each other's personalities, values, and emotions through their stories, building trust and closeness. Value creation strengthens relationships through cooperation, support, and contribution.

​​Increased Happiness: Communicating through tokens boosts self-expression and self-esteem, as individuals share their stories. Discovering others' stories provides new knowledge, stimulation, and inspiration. Value creation allows individuals to showcase their abilities, talents, and sense of responsibility, resulting in a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment.


This app aims to provide a new experience of sharing personal stories, discovering others' stories, empathizing, and creating value.

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